Build your Best Cohort with the Newly Redesigned Kira!

by Emilie Cushman on Jun 11, 2015 7:30:00 AM

After speaking with several admissions teams, we uncovered two common problems that have become a major part of the newly redesigned Kira platform: 

  1. Schools are too focused on grades
  2. There is an inevitable bias when admissions teams are reviewing applications.

We've made some big changes to help solve these problems. Watch the video walkthrough to see what's new.

1. See How Well Applicants Fit your Specific Program with Competencies

Better predict fit and potential success of future graduates by selecting competencies important to your program and crafting questions around them. When it’s time to review, your team assesses applicants on these pre-defined competencies. 

2. A New Reviewer Experience Designed to Reduce Bias

The two major challenges when it comes to reviewing applicants are, maintaining reviewers’ consistency in scoring and making sure all applicants are assessed in a fair and objective manner.Competencies_Rubrics.png

We’ve made two feature changes to help reduce bias:

Rubrics help align all your reviewers. Each response is now tied to a competency with your defined description. The rubric ensures all reviewers are looking for the right things when reviewing each applicant’s responses.

Per competency rating and overall score. Lower subjectivity from reviewers with a rating per response. Each response is tied to a competency that the reviewer is responsible for scoring on a three-point scale, poor, good or exceptional. After your reviewers have rated all your applicant’s individual responses, the ratings add up to create an overall fit score for your applicant.


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Written by Emilie Cushman

Emilie Cushman is the Founder and CEO of Kira Talent. Cushman founded the company in 2012, and since launching Kira she has been named the HSBC Woman Leader of Tomorrow and one of Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women.

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