Applicant Experience

Constructive perspectives on improving the applicant experience

Kira Live Interviewing Experience Report 2021

Live Interviewing in Kira Talent is redefining virtual interviews. Discover what applicants and reviewers think about their experience.

Kira Client Experience Report 2020

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Students standing in a group

Kira Applicant Experience Report 2020

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An applicant completing her Kira assessment

Kira Applicant Experience Report 2019

As more and more programs add Kira to their admissions process, we had another record-breaking year in terms of applicant...

Students gathered at a library table, having a discussion

Kira Applicant Experience Report 2018

As an applicant-first platform, we take pride in improving the admissions experience and making it more enjoyable for applicants. Every...

A young woman having a conversation with someone in a discussion setting

Kira Applicant Experience Report 2017

In the first-ever Kira applicant experience report, discover what applicants love about Kira's Asynchronous Assessments and what we have planned...