Demystifying Holistic Admissions

The comprehensive guide to holistic review

What you’ll learn

What you need to get started

Want to start but not sure how? Find out how thought-leading schools have implemented changes at their school.

Strategies to review holistically at scale

If time is a barrier to conducting holistic admissions for your team, check out these ideas on how to build a scalable process at your school.

What holistic admissions means to schools

Every school defines “holistic admissions” differently. Find out the criteria schools most frequently consider when conducting holistic assessments.

How holistic admissions improves the classroom

Implementing holistic admissions has improved diversity, retention, and overall student fit at schools around the world. Discover the growing body of research that supports the shift to holistic.

Why holistic review matters

of admissions professionals agree that schools benefit from assessing applicants on more than grades and test scores.
of successful students in the Fisk-Vanderbilt PhD class of 2014 would have been eliminated from consideration prior to implementing holistic review.
4 in 5
schools using holistic review elements saw an increase in diversity.

See how holistic review can enhance your admissions process

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