The guide to future-proofing your admissions process

How top schools are adapting to modern admissions by balancing the traditional with new technology

What you’ll learn

How leading schools are attracting a new generation of applicants

Discover how top schools are employing new techniques, and adapting their old ones, to find success in the modern admissions space.

Three tech solutions to enhance your admissions process

Discover how modern admissions technology can enhance your process and help you reach and engage more applicants.

How to engage more diverse applicants by reimagining two traditional admissions tactics

Learn how time-honoured admissions events can be adapted and improved to attract a new generation of applicants.

Tried and tested solutions and real results from top schools

Read about schools that are facing similar challenges to yours and discover what solutions they’ve put in place and where they’re seeing results.

Real-life results from leading schools

20+ hours
saved by the University of Waterloo admissions team through integrated scoring and analytics software.
increase in applications to Foster School of Business.
additional qualified applicants identified by Mendoza College of Business in their existing applicant pool.

Start future-proofing your process

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