The new era of admissions requires effective and efficient admissions processes. And while adjusting time-honoured processes may seem daunting, a few simple updates can help you start identifying top applicants faster and putting time back in your team’s day.

But with a limited budget and endless areas of need, deciding which initiatives make the cut can be difficult.

Kira Talent has optimized the online interview process for hundreds of admissions teams, and now with Applicant Pay, you have the freedom to make your admissions process more efficient and holistic while working within your team’s budget constraints.

Transform your admissions process

Start making more informed decisions about applicants and increase the efficiency of your admissions process with Kira Talent.

Find your best-fit students

Focus on getting to know your applicants in a meaningful way through timed video and timed written assessments and live interviewing. Assess for program fit through competency-based evaluation, combined with traditional application materials like test scores and transcripts.

Eliminate scheduling headaches

With Kira, your days of juggling multiple links and calendars are over. With Live Interviewing in Kira Talent, your spreadsheet schedule is transformed into a live interview with unique interview links that automatically place applicants and reviewers in the right interview rooms, at the right times.

Want to erase the hassle of scheduling altogether? Access recorded responses on-demand, allowing reviewers to evaluate applicants on their own schedule with Kira’s Asynchronous Assessment.

Create a consistent and unbiased interview environment

Kira is designed to ensure consistency by offering structured rubrics, flagging potential applicant issues, and summarizing team feedback so your program can make fair, unbiased admissions decisions.

Get started with Applicant Pay

Applicant Pay offers your team the option to start building a more efficient and holistic admissions process now, while providing the flexibility to accommodate your team’s budget constraints.

Pass on a nominal fee to applicants who take your assessment in Kira, and decide how applicant payments are used. Depending on the Applicant Pay plan you choose, Kira will either remit to you all payments made within a contract year, or the applicant payments will stay with us to cover the cost of your Kira contract. 

All payments are effortlessly collected within the Kira platform in accordance with PCI compliance, eliminating the hassle of dealing with bounced charges or managing third-party integrations.

Already have a Kira Talent account? Contact your Customer Success Manager to set up Applicant Pay.