A Guide to Innovation in Higher Education

Challenging the status quo through strategic change management

What you’ll learn

Why innovation is critical to continued success in higher education

Change happens fast in higher education admissions. Discover why innovation is the key to succeeding in the new admissions landscape, and how to structure your projects to ensure their success.

How former Deans have successfully driven innovation at their schools

Get insider tips and real-world examples from former Deans and higher education leaders with decades of ‘boots on the ground’ experience driving innovation at their schools.

The seven steps to successful innovation

Set yourself up for success by learning the seven key steps that will help you successfully plan, drive, and enact sustainable change within your program or institution.

How to define the ROI for your project

Find out why defining your ROI is so important, get access to a handy ROI calculator, and learn how to best present the data in your proposal.

Start driving sustainable innovation

more opportunities for innovation within your department and institution
strategies and determine your best route to success
greater ROI for your efforts

Ready to make your innovative idea a reality?

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