Introducing Assign Applicants

by Calvin Cheng on Mar 8, 2016 2:00:47 PM

You can now assign your reviewers to applicants inside Kira with the release of our Assign feature! You'll be able to distribute your team's workload evenly without having to do it manually.

There are two ways for your team to use the new Assign feature.

Bulk assignments

Bulk assignment lets you evenly distribute all unassigned applicants among selected reviewers in three quick steps. This method works best for teams who need to distribute a large number of applicants to a set amount of reviewers in seconds.

To bulk assign:

  • Select All Unassigned
  • Choose the reviewers on your team
  • Select the number of reviews you wish each applicant to receive.

Giving applicants more than one reviewer prevents bias and allows for a more accurate assessment of your applicant pool.


Specific assignments

Specific assignments work well if your team is more selective with reviewing or do not have a large number of applicants to process. It’s also useful for notifying reviewers to give an applicant a second look.

On the Applicants page, simply click the ‘+’ bubble on the applicant and select the reviewer you wish to assign on the dropdown. You can remove assignments from reviewers by clicking a reviewer who has already been assigned.


Your team of reviewers will be able to see who has been assigned to them for review, and you can monitor their progress as they review applicants along the Unassigned, In Review, and Reviewed sections.

Team members managing the review process can quickly get an overview of applicants who are or who are not assigned by looking at the profile pictures on the right side of the table.


We’re excited to have you try the new Assign feature to work faster and spend more time on the right applicants! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.


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Written by Calvin Cheng

Calvin is a former product designer at Kira.