Navigating the Rise of AI in Admissions

And strategies for solving 3 more challenges facing today’s admissions teams

Solve these 4 admissions challenges

Navigating AI in admissions

Learn to leverage tools to screen for AI-generated content, and how to modify essay questions to ensure you’re getting an authentic assessment of applicants.

Identifying the applicants who will ultimately enroll

Find out how to assess applicant fit and interest earlier in the admissions process so you can tailor outreach efforts effectively.

Assessing English language proficiency

See how to replicate interactions applicants will have in the classroom in order to gain a more authentic view of their English language abilities.

Enrolling employable students

Discover how to support post-graduation employment goals in the admissions process with a clever assessment strategy and tips for external team involvement.

The facts of higher ed admissions today

1 in 10
applicants reportedly used ChatGPT to write their college admissions essays.
of applicants reported job and career outcomes as a primary consideration for choosing a school or program.
increase in college applications, even as the number of applicants decreased.

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