All I Want This Holiday Season: The Admissions Wishlist

by Sumair Sattar on Dec 14, 2015 12:52:11 PM


December is flying by which means we're heading into the most wonderful time of the year - the holiday season!

We asked admissions teams what's on their holiday wishlist this year and the answers ranged from sincere and heartwarming to laugh out loud funny.

See what they said below: 

  • "I would like a team of magic fairies to come into our offices, and with the wave of a wand and the flutter of a fairy wing, calculate all of our applicant GPAs.  That way, my team, who are the fairies who really make the magic happen, can sit back and sip coffee and eat bon bons...with their feet up. Because they deserve it!"

- Chris McGrath at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

  • "My wish list is long - I'd like to find a way to attract the candidates that are exactly a fit for our program and work with them extensively to put their best foot forward to get in. I'd like more scholarship dollars so that I could reward them for their merit. Finally, I'd like an opportunity to bring them all together in each major city and celebrate with them, before they arrive on campus with a gift or an event, to help them solidify this life changing choice and begin building their network."

- Anonymous


  • "A Google Add-on that acts as a bouncer for my Inbox.  Emails bounce back to the sender with a pop-up of an intimidating bouncer with responses such as: 'The answer to your question was already given to you, please read your emails again' or  'I'm sorry, you've reached your email limit to this admissions counselor.'"

- Cristina at George Fox University

  • "More applicants!"

- Anonymous at Bentley University Graduate School of Businesschristmaslights.png

  • "I wish we could interview everyone! It's fun to hear different perspectives on why students want to come to this particular campus. Everyone has their own story."

- Anonymous

  • "Tequila."

- Anonymous

  • "For all students to uphold a high level of honesty and integrity in what they do academically and personally. Also to create opportunities to learn and grow from the mistakes and failures they encounter. Learning and growing should be a journey, not a mad dash to a finish line."

- Patty Mah at University of Waterloo

  • "Future students of integrity and character!"

- Carrie Marcinkevage at Smeal School of Business

  • "I'd love one integrated technology system to handle all parts of the application and admissions process in one automated and seamless process."

- Stacey Dorang Peeler at Penn State

  • "An automatic essay analyzer to weed out the really inauthentic ones right off the bat."

- Anonymous


  • "I have too many wishes! But, the biggest may be that I have 27 hours in a day to truly do the work needed to effectively and deeply review all of the applications that come my way. With the hustle and bustle of deadline season, I sometimes feel like I miss details that may make a difference in the decision making process. It's a good thing I'm not the whole committee!"

- Anonymous

- Anonymous

  • "A bottomless pot of coffee. Oh and a barista for the office." 

- Anonymous

I hope you get some well needed rest. Have a safe and happy holiday season, from all of us on the Kira team.

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Written by Sumair Sattar

Sumair is a former marketer at Kira.