The Admissions Roundup: 2017 Year in Review

by Molly McCracken on Dec 20, 2017 3:00:37 PM

As 2017 wraps up, we wanted to say: It’s been a delight.

From hearing some of your ‘horror stories from the road' to getting to interview inspirational enrollment leaders, we’ve been fortunate to speak with so many people who are passionate about making change in higher education.

Here’s a roundup of your most-read articles this year! 

Happy New Year!  

Admissions Reading List

Seven Books for Admissions Professionals to Read in 2018

Read your way into 2018! We’ve got your admissions book recommendations ready for the holiday season.



The Best Higher Education Recruitment Videos

Find out the winner of the Kira Award for Best Higher Education Recruitment Video, as well as this year’s People’s Choice Selection based on your votes.


Hey! We’re collecting submissions for next year’s award!

Share the video you want to nominate here. 

Horror Stories from the Road

Nightmare in the Admissions Office: 8 Horror Stories From The Road

From the terrifying and tragic to awkward and embarrassing, here are eight of your horror stories from the road.



How Technology Can Level the Playing Field of “Demonstrated Interest” in Admissions

Scoring students on their ‘demonstrated interest’ in admissions often favors students who can visit campus. We look at a few ways technology can help bridge that gap.


St Gallen


How Fatigue Affects Your Admissions Decisions

Exhaustion, overtime, and burnout are a reality for most college admissions teams during the busiest cycle of their year. But what are the costs associated with tired admissions professionals? We investigated.


Applicants Waiting for Interview


Structured Vs. Unstructured Interviews in Admissions

Your admissions interviews may not be as effective as you think. It's time to rethink your interview structure and decision-making strategies.  


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Written by Molly McCracken

Molly is the Admissions Editor at Kira. She strives to create helpful articles, emails, and resources for admissions teams, and is an avid supporter of the Oxford comma.