Wake Forest School of Business Finds Efficient Enrollment Solution With Kira

Wake Forest’s strong reputation has made it an attractive option for students around the world. Kira helps their admissions team save time.

When students graduate from Wake Forest University’s School of Business, they hit the ground running. The school is known to provide a strong student and career services component, and it shows:

Their Masters in Accounting program has consistently achieved 100% career placement at graduation, while also earning the number one CPA pass rate in the U.S. 13 times since 1997. 

They also boast one of the first and largest Masters in Management programs in the nation, and recently launched a Masters in Business Analytics program in 2016. 

As the School has grown enrollment for its specialty masters programs, one of the biggest challenges it faced was how to effectively and efficiently evaluate prospective students, especially its expanding pool of international applicants.

Wake Forest’s strong reputation, combined with a new $55 million, 130,000 square foot facility, has made it an attractive option for students, not only in the U.S. but around the world.

25-30% of the MS of Accountancy program and 40-45% of the MS in Business Analytics program enrollments are international students.

Eric Olson“You can have a very strong candidate, but if their communication and language skills aren’t at a certain level they are going to have a hard time in the classroom and in group settings,” said Eric Olson, the Executive Director of Enrollment Operations for the Business School.

Adding Kira to the admissions process in 2016 helped recruiters better prioritize their time devoted to candidate interviews. Over two hundred 30-minute Webex interviews conducted each year were replaced with five-minute Kira assessments.

“Prior to using Kira, if we had, say, two hundred short-listed international applicants that’s 200 30-minute video calls. That’s 100 hours of recruiter time spent just on the phone,” said Olson.

He estimates the recruiting teams saved over 150 hours last year across 3 programs, or approximately 21 business days, which they could better focus on other recruitment and admissions efforts.

Time saved: 150 hours or approximately 21 business days.

“We can review five to six minutes of video and make a reliable determination if this candidate meets the criteria to move them to the next level and have a face-to-face discussion.”

While saving time is valuable, the School of Business has also gained depth into their applicants’ personality and key attributes through Kira.

“What Kira has been able to do for us is assess applicants for not only communication and language, but also their motivation, commitment and drive,” said Olson. “It allows us to know the candidate deeper which helps us make an admission decision and feel more comfortable with that decision.”

Because Kira is integrated with their CRM, the admissions teams are able to easily review, assign next steps, and manage applicant progress digitally, which greatly improves their use of critical recruiting time.

“The teams that have used Kira have all provided really positive feedback. Within the first month or two, they knew this was the right decision. When recruiters and program leads are going out of the way to tell me something is working out, then it must be really good,” said Olson.

Thank you to Eric Olson for taking the time to speak with us!

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