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Carey Business School: Kira is a "Game Changer" for the Admissions Process

As a reputable school with excellent teaching and research initiatives, the applicant experience of applying to Carey was negative. Kira helped solve their technical woes.

In 2016, we were ecstatic to welcome Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School’s Specialized Master’s Programs to the Kira family. Now that they’ve completed their first admissions cycle using the product, we’re pleased to share their story.

With over 3,000 applicants from around the world, Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University required a reliable yet efficient way to assess communication skills. They had struggled with technical challenges on their previous video platform, and their provider did not have the technical bandwidth to manage the volume of support requests they received.

Each year, Carey’s admissions office had their hands full managing phone calls and emails from applicants about technical issues. As a reputable school with excellent teaching and research initiatives, the applicant experience of applying to Carey didn’t align with the school or with Johns Hopkins as a whole.

“It was inherently clear that we needed to solve this problem,” said Bruce Campbell, Director of Admissions at Carey. “If your applicants are telling you, again and again, there’s an issue, you’ve got to fix it.”

With Kira’s track-record for exceptional applicant support and knowledge of international technical challenges, the fit was obvious. Furthermore, Carey was able to fully integrate Kira assessments into their existing CRM, saving hours of work manually coordinating and organizing data.

"Having the technical side resolved would be a game changer to start, but even more than that, we were able to streamline the application process and gain access to better reporting.”

After adding Kira to their process, the admissions team predicts they saved at least one week of work during each of the three rounds during the annual admissions cycle. The integration with their CRM made the review experience seamless, and any technical questions were no longer directed to the admissions office. The few applicant support requests that did come through were handled promptly by Kira’s 24/7 Support Team.

“From the student’s experience, relative to the number of applications, it’s a wonderful problem for us to have when only a handful folks have problems,” said Campbell.

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