When it comes time for applicants to complete their Kira assessment, the first thing they'll do is watch a welcome video.

Your team crafts this video and it serves many purposes. It gives you the opportunity to show off your campus, introduce applicants to members of your school/faculty, and explain the qualities that are important to your school’s culture.

Creating a compelling welcome video may seem daunting, but following the steps of a handful of our partner schools will lead you in the right direction.

University of Cincinnati - Carl H. Lindner College of Business

The University of Cincinnati is the second largest public university in Ohio. Their business school, the Carl H. Lindner College of Business, uses Kira assessments for the MS Information Systems, MS Business Analytics, and MBA Program.

Why it works:

The University of Cincinnati does an amazing job of captivating applicants by diving into information about the university, the business school, and student life beyond campus walls.

We love how they build a renewed sense of excitement in their applicants by presenting Cincinnati as a business hub filled with potential.

Most importantly, it showcases all that the university has to offer and the value a Lindner business degree will hold.

University of St.Gallen - Strategy and International Management

The University of St.Gallen is a public university in Switzerland. They use Kira to evaluate applicants for the Master of Arts in Strategy and International Management (SIM) program.

Why it works:

Nathalie Naveda, the Manager for Admissions, Recruiting, and Marketing, takes a great approach with this welcome video. She explains what sets the SIM program apart and expands on the school’s culture and values.

Her calm presence and focus on conveying helpful information creates the perfect setting for applicants to embark on their video assessment.

Watching the SIM welcome video enables applicants to confidently complete their video assessment knowing that the school genuinely wants to get to know them. After all, as Nathalie puts it best, “The only right answer is being honest and true to yourself at all times.”

Langara College

Langara College is a public college located in Vancouver, Canada. They currently use Kira for their Post-Degree Diploma Nursing Practice in Canada program, which is a program for foreign-trained nurses to become accredited to practice in Canada.

Why it works:

Langara's welcome video does a wonderful job of introducing the program staff to build a personal connection with applicants.

With a kind and collected demeanor, Myra Percy, Assistant Chair of the International Program at the Faculty of Nursing shares her professional research interests and history as a registered nurse in Canada. This creates a special experience for applicants who might not be able to visit the campus and meet the faculty before applying.

The welcome video allows applicants to learn about the specifics of the program, important pieces of campus life, and the core values that underlie the program. Overall, this video is a very thoughtful representation of the school.


HackerYou is a private career college in Toronto, Canada. They use Kira to help select students for their web-development education programs.

Why it works:

Applicants are immediately drawn in by scenes of a beautiful campus, but that's not the only appeal. This well-executed video moves beyond aesthetics and into the benefits of studying at HackerYou.

Much of the video focuses on their key appeals such as the low student-teacher ratios and one-on-one support until employment is found.

By having teachers talk about the unique features of their programs, applicants are given a strong understanding of what their future could look like if they’re admitted to HackerYou.

What do they all have in common?

Four programs from three countries, ranging from small career colleges to large universities, have all created effective welcome videos by:

  • Uniquely expressing the culture of a place
  • Focusing on the student experience
  • Clearly explaining the Kira assessment process

As you begin crafting your welcome video, remember that it’s a tool to distinguish yourself and allow applicants to see the “real you”. An effective and impactful welcome video can set your applicants up for success as they begin their Kira assessments, and help you find the applicants who will thrive on your campus.

If you are interested in updating your welcome video, reach out to our Client Success Team at success@kiratalent.com