78% of dentistry programs named efficiency as Kira Talent’s biggest benefit in 2022 — hardly surprising considering 80% saved more than 20 hours per cycle with Kira.

The University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry

Learn how efficiently interviewing over 1700 applicants has allowed Detroit Mercy Dental to drop their GPA cutoff and diversify their applicant pool.

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Where Kira fits in the dentistry admissions process

Most dentistry programs used Kira to conduct the final selection phase of their admissions process, inviting applicants who met the minimum academic qualifications or were selected following a file review. However, some preferred a more in-depth two-step process.

22% of dentistry programs used a combination of Asynchronous Assessments and Live Interviews in Kira to screen and then select their applicants. 

“Kira allows us to get better insight into our applicants earlier in the admissions process so we could reduce the faculty time on task.”

- Dr. William Harman, Associate Dean at Roseman University’s College of Dental Medicine

A more streamlined process enabled 22% of programs to interview every applicant, gaining deeper insights into their applicant pool while still reducing the amount of time staff and faculty were spending on the admissions process.

What’s top of mind for dentistry programs in 2023?

“Our priority is to attract and enroll applicants whose values align with our mission”

“Supporting fairness, transparency, and efficiency across our processes and procedures.”

“Keeping up with the increase we’re seeing in applications each cycle.”