For graduate management education programs, increasing process efficiency was a key focus in 2022. 50% of programs cited efficiency as the greatest benefit of using Kira Talent in their admissions process, with 56% of programs saving more than 40 hours of work per cycle.

McCombs School of Business

Learn how McCombs reduced time spent interviewing by 30% while scaling the process to engage up to 600 more applicants per cycle.

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Where Kira fits in the business school admissions process

In 2022, just over half of business schools used Kira’s Asynchronous Assessment to efficiently pre-screen applicants before inviting top candidates to a virtual or in-person interview. 

The other 47% used an on-demand assessment, Live Interview, or a combination of both to evaluate candidates for final selection decisions. By helping to increase efficiencies within the interview and selection process, Kira helped business schools improve their yield by helping get admissions offers to top candidates earlier.

“With Kira, our interviewing process is far more streamlined. Without the back-and-forth of scheduling, we’re able to interview candidates much more quickly. This is obviously great for the candidate’s experience with Imperial. They’re not waiting weeks for us to get in touch with them.”

- Amy Duckworth, Director of Admissions at Imperial College Business School

65% of graduate management education programs were able to efficiently scale their admissions processes with Kira to where they had the capacity to interview all of their applicants. For another 20%, Kira offered a convenient method of meeting and assessing international applicants without having to juggle time zones or schedules.

What’s top of mind for Business Schools in 2023?

“Getting the right applicants for our program.”

“Saving time in our admissions process.”

“Gender balance and diversity.” 

“Providing a positive candidate experience in our admissions process.”