For K-12 schools, efficiency and effectiveness were top of mind in admissions in 2022. 40% of schools named efficiency as the greatest benefit of using Kira, valuing how the platform has helped them streamline the interview process. For another 40%, the effectiveness of the assessments was the biggest benefit, as it helped them increase comfort and convenience for applicants and their families while providing deeper insights into applicants’ personality traits and soft skills. 

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Where Kira fits in the K-12 admissions process

Kira fit flexibly into different schools’ various admissions processes in 2022, with schools using the platform to do everything from aptitude assessments to parent and guardian interviews.

“Kira allows us to interview our applicants in a safe manner that's not going to be cumbersome to families.”

- Dr. Beth-Sarah Wright, the Director of Enrollment Management at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School.

For 80% of schools, Kira allowed enrollment teams to gather deeper insights into applicants' behaviours and values, helping them identify their best-fit students and make final selections to build well-rounded and dynamic classrooms. 

By allowing applicant families to complete the assessment when and where is most comfortable for them, Kira helps our K-12 partner schools reduce the stress on applicants and their families, and give them the opportunity to put their best foot forward.

80% of these schools added Kira as a new step in their admissions process, often complementing a live interview or campus visit. With a Kira assessment or interview providing a structured evaluation of the applicant, faculty and enrollment managers are able to reallocate their time to other enrollment activities and form deeper connections with applicants and their families.

What’s top of mind for K-12 schools in 2023?

“Increasing the number of applications from underrepresented groups.”

“Identifying applicants whose motivations and values align with our school mission.”

“Diversifying our applicant pool.”

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