Kira’s Asynchronous Assessment was the star admissions tool for Law and Humanities programs in 2022, with 86% of programs using the on-demand assessment to gain insight into their applicant pool earlier in the admissions process. 

Nearly half of the Law and Humanities programs named efficiency as the biggest benefit of using Kira in 2022. With 71% of these programs having added Kira as a net-new component of their admissions process, these numbers speak to how, with Kira, teams are able to gather valuable insights without slowing down the admissions process or over-burdening admissions staff and faculty.

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Where Kira fits in the law and humanities admissions process

Law and humanities programs were fairly evenly dispersed when it came to where they used Kira in their admissions processes in 2022, with equal amounts using an assessment to pre-screen applicants and to make final admissions selections.

The unifying point for these schools was in how many applicants there were able to efficiently assess. 71% of law and humanities programs invited all applicants to complete an assessment or interview in Kira Talent. By gaining deeper insights across their applicant pool without overwhelming staff and faculty, Kira is helping schools identify more best-fit applicants for admissions offers.

What’s top of mind for law and humanities programs in 2023?

“Expanding access to graduate school to people from all backgrounds.”

“Vetting and matriculating great candidates and increasing not just the number of applications but the quality of the applicants.”

“Bringing in a class that complements the educational and campus environment we’ve built.”