For medical schools, efficiency was top-of-mind in 2022 as admissions teams looked for ways to make the traditional final round and Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) more accessible to applicants and more manageable for themselves. 75% of Kira’s medical school partners cited efficiency as the greatest benefit of using Kira Talent in their admissions process, with 67% of programs saving more than 30 hours of work per cycle.

NYU Grossman School of Medicine

Learn how NYU Grossman School of Medicine increased staff efficiency 16-fold across the admissions cycle and reduced faculty commitment per day from 4 hours in-person to 1 hour virtually.

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Where Kira fits in the medical school admissions process

This year, most medical schools used Kira as a more efficient and convenient method of conducting their MMIs and final-round interviews. Another 25% took it one step further, creating a two-step process in Kira which allows them to pre-screen applicants with an on-demand assessment before inviting top candidates to participate in a live interview or MMI.

“The Kira platform was flexible enough to adjust to suit our process, rather than the other way around.”

- Katy Guertin-Davis, Administrative Manager at OHSU School of Medicine.

A ton of new features and enhancements added to the Kira Live Interviewing experience in 2022 made it even easier for schools to transition their traditional MMIs online. An opportunity that many admissions teams took advantage of, with 92% of medical schools on the platform using Kira to replace an existing interview. 

What’s top of mind for medical schools in 2023?

“Saving costs by replacing in-person MMIs.”

“Easy to use tech for administration, applicants and interviewers”

“Maintaining the integrity of our process as we transition it online”