With more than 85% of nursing programs using Kira to interview or assess all of their applicants, it’s no surprise that the majority of programs cited efficiency as the biggest benefit of conducting their admissions process in Kira Talent. 

With Kira’s streamlined assessment experience, 57% of nursing programs are saving more than 50 hours of work per cycle.

University of Missouri, Sinclair School of Nursing

Learn how Missouri Nursing is saving over 200 hours in the admissions process without sacrificing their holistic admissions practices.

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Where Kira fits in the nursing school admissions process

Whether they were looking to efficiently prescreen applicants or to interview finalists before making their final admissions decisions, nursing programs used Kira to gain insight into their applicant pool at various stages of the admissions process. 

For both qualifying and selecting applicants, Kira’s ease-of-use and streamlined process helped schools increase the number of applicants they were able to interview without increasing time or work for the admissions team. 

“Our reason for getting started with Kira was in pursuit of greater diversity, academic inclusion, and getting to know our applicants better. The efficiency and ease that it brought to our process was an added benefit.”

- Deanna Jung, Assistant Professor of Nursing and Coordinator of Pre-Licensure Programs at CSU Fullerton 

85% of programs were able to invite every applicant to complete an assessment or interview in Kira. In doing so, these schools ensured that every applicant got an equal opportunity to showcase their skills and capabilities, helping them identify top candidates without overwhelming admissions staff and faculty. 

What’s top of mind for nursing programs in 2023?

“Giving opportunities to the most qualified applicants, with the highest chances to succeed in the field.”

“Attracting and enrolling students from diverse or disadvantaged backgrounds.”

“Reducing bias in our admissions process and saving our team time.”