Occupational therapy (OT) and physical therapy (PT) programs unanimously named efficiency as the top benefit of conducting their admissions interviews and assessments in Kira Talent in 2022.

40% of occupational therapy and physical therapy programs reported saving more than 40 hours of work per cycle with Kira.

College of Saint Mary, DPT

Learn how the College of Saint Mary DPT increased applicant diversity with 30% of the enrolled class coming from underrepresented populations.

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Where Kira fits in the OT and PT admissions process

These time savings are what enabled 60% of OT and PT programs to add an assessment or interview in Kira as a net new component of their admissions process - giving them greater interview structure and deeper applicant insights without overwhelming their admissions teams. 

“Kira gives us more touchpoints with our applicants, creating better engagement throughout the admissions process, and allowing us to get deeper insights into our applicant pool.”

- Victoria Prignac, Program Director at the University of Vermont Occupational Therapy 

What’s top of mind for OT and PT programs in 2023?

“Attracting more applicants to our program.”

“Ensuring that we’re admitting the right students who will succeed in the classroom and beyond.”

“Incorporating new ways of assessing applicant ability, as GRE scores have declined due to the Covid-19 pandemic.”