Efficiency was key for pharmacy programs in 2022, with 67% of programs citing efficiency as the primary benefit of conducting their admissions interviews and assessments in Kira Talent.

In fact, 60% of pharmacy programs reported saving more than 40 hours of work per cycle with Kira.

The University of New Mexico, College of Pharmacy

Learn how UNM Pharmacy is saving over 50 hours of work per cycle while retaining a 100% interview completion rate.

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Where Kira fits in the pharmacy school admissions process

Although the majority of pharmacy programs used Kira to help select applicants for final admissions offers, what that interview or assessment looked like varied across schools. Nearly half of the programs (43%) fully transitioned their existing interview onto the Kira platform, leveraging the full efficiency and accessibility benefits of the virtual experience. 

Another 42% transitioned one component of their interview onto the Kira platform while maintaining a secondary traditional interview. With this combination, these pharmacy programs can leverage Kira’s efficiency and bias-mitigation tools in their Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) or other structured interviews and allow for more informal connections to take place in the live interview.

Pharmacy programs were also almost equally split on when applicants were invited to interview, with just over half inviting all applicants to complete a Kira assessment, and the rest inviting those selected after an initial file review.

“Our old process required a tremendous amount of planning and re-planning to keep up with changing needs. With Kira, it’s super simple. I know exactly when to invite applicants through PharmCAS, and I can just look at my calendar and know where all the groups are in the admissions process. It’s all nice, neat, and organized.”

- Tara Burke, Coordinator for Admissions and Financial Aid at the University of Arizona School of Pharmacy

What’s top of mind for pharmacy programs in 2023?

“Admitting students with the highest probability of success in the program”

“Enhancing our recruitment process and increasing the ease of review.”

“Delivering an objective and fair interview process, and increasing access to the interview process.”