Kira Talent’s Review Platform makes sorting through a sea of applicants feel like smooth sailing.

Give your reviewers the tools to evaluate applicants efficiently and effectively. With Kira’s Review Platform, your reviewers can watch and score applicant responses, access key documents, monitor their progress and see performance metrics, and more, all in one intuitive dashboard that allows them to focus their energy where it matters most — identifying the best applicants for your program.

Discover how Kira’s all-in-one Review Platform can help make your reviewing process better.

4 features for a powerful reviewing platform

  1. Progress tracking and performance metrics
  2. Intuitive information management 
  3. Side-by-side applicant responses, rubrics, and scoring
  4. Built-in spelling and grammar checks

1. Progress tracking and performance metrics

Set your reviewers up for success with a powerful dashboard that helps them monitor their progress.  

Keep track of remaining and completed reviews with visual progress indicators that provide a quick snapshot of a reviewer's progress through their assigned workload. At the top of their dashboard, reviewers see a breakdown of their assigned applicants, how many they’ve already scored, and how many they still have to complete, as well as an estimate of how long it will take them to finish reviewing the remaining applicants. 

Check weekly performance metrics to see a breakdown of how many applicants, video responses, and written responses were reviewed that week.

2. Intuitive information management

Everything your reviewers need, at their fingertips. The Kira Review Platform brings all the tools and information they need to complete timely and comprehensive reviews all in one place.

Get a bird’s eye view of assigned applicants as Kira’s Review Platform organizes all of your assigned applicants across multiple assessments, all in one place. Then, use the intuitive sorting and filtering tools to find what you need, when you need it.

Sort applicants by selecting between various sorting options including first/last name, assignment name/date, or review status to let you quickly sort through and find what you need. 

Keep organized with review status tagging which will automatically update your applicants from ‘Unreviewed’ to ‘In Review’ to ‘Reviewed’ as you submit your scores.

Filter for key information to find what you’re looking for by selecting one of the many data points such as assigned competency, review status, or date assigned. 

Get helpful tips and info in the resources tab. In this section you can find quick tips to mitigate bias, best practices, and other resources about reviewing applicants in Kira.

Jump back into a previous session with the Recently Visited tab, which allows reviewers to quickly pick up where they left off. 

3. Side-by-side responses, rubrics, and scoring

With applicant responses, defined rubrics, scoring, and notes all thoughtfully laid out on one screen, Kira’s Review platform keeps everything you need to conduct an efficient and fair review at your fingertips.

See everything on one screen with Kira’s side-by-side video and rubric layout that allows reviewers to seamlessly score applicants as they watch their response. The module cleanly expands to show detailed rubric definitions to help reviewers evaluate more accurately and consistently.  

Keep competencies top of mind by keeping the question and related competency definition on screen as reviewers assess applicants.

Easily access applicants' uploaded documents, such as an essay, resume, or signed form, in their original formatting and score them using the same side-by-side rubric layout as the video and written responses.

4. Built-in spelling and grammar checks

Keep your reviewers focused on the important content and let Kira check the grammar. An optional feature on the Review Platform, Kira can highlight spelling and grammatical errors in written submissions, as well as show the current and maximum word count for the assigned response.