Kira Talent Partners with Speech Language Pathology (SLP) for Improved Admissions Outcomes

We’re thrilled to announce our expansion into Speech Language Pathology (SLP) graduate programs.

Because of the blend of soft skills and academics required to be successful in SLP careers, Kira’s admissions software provides an excellent solution to SLP admissions teams to conduct holistic assessments.

Read a short case study on how Saint Mary’s College is using Kira to assess applicants below:

Saint Mary’s College, Master’s of Speech Language Pathology

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Historically, Saint Mary’s College had applicants submit short YouTube videos to assess their communication skills. These video submissions were often practiced and scripted and rarely showed the true applicant. Further, the admissions reviewers, primarily faculty, ran into technical issues with permissions and privacy settings that created a lot of work for their team.

“While we’re relieved to know we have a safe, reliable option for applicants to respond to our video questions, we’re really excited to see the timed video responses applicants provide to get a more authentic view of each applicant,” said Melissa Fruscione, Director of Graduate Admissions from Saint Mary’s College’s SLP program.

“Having a universal platform for all reviewers to access and evaluate will save us so much time, especially knowing that Kira is taking on 24-hour technical support to ensure our applicants have a positive experience applying to the program.”

“Furthermore, it’s awesome and convenient that applicants can access the assessment at any time as well. The fact that Kira allows for a fair, consistent, and convenient way for our entire applicant pool to participate in an interview was a big reason why we added this component to our process,” Fruscione added. 

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