Why publish this data?

To drive continuous improvement: With transparency as one of our core values at Kira Talent, publishing these reports is a no-brainer. We’re always looking for new ways to make the admissions process more efficient, effective, and fair for our partner schools and their applicants. Reporting on applicant feedback not only gives us a chance to reflect on how applicants are engaging with our platform and identify opportunities for an even greater applicant experience, but it also keeps our partners in the know every step of the way. 

To celebrate the success of our partner schools and their applicants: Each year, more and more applicants are using the Kira platform to share their personalities, talents, and experiences with schools. This positive feedback from applicants is a direct reflection not only of their experience with Kira, but also their impression of the schools. 

To be transparent with prospective clients: As one of the first connection points between an applicant and a school, we recognize our responsibility to maintain and elevate your brand. If you’re considering Kira, we know it’s important for you to understand what the experience will be like for your applicants. As a partner in your admissions process, we confidently stand by this feedback.

How we collect and use feedback

How we collect feedback

After completing a Kira assessment, applicants are asked to score their experience on a sliding scale of one (poor) to five (exceptional). In addition to the numeric rating, applicants are given the opportunity to share any feedback or requests anonymously.

How we use feedback

Applicant feedback is at the core of decision-making here at Kira. We use the valuable information gathered from applicants in the following ways:

For insight: At the end of each year, we present each admissions team with a summary of anonymized feedback from their applicants. Highlighting comments around question content, preparation and response time, and video quality helps the school refine and enhance their custom assessments.

For innovation: Feedback helps us continue to develop an applicant-first product. By gathering new ideas, suggestions, and critiques directly from applicants, Kira brings user insight directly into product planning.

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