There’s nothing better than plugging in your headphones and tuning out after a long day of recruiting, reviewing applications, answering emails — or at times, all three! 

Researchers have long explored the various ways music can affect the human body, from lowering blood pressure to controlling heart rate and even stabilizing mood. 

For example, did you know that music has been proven to significantly decrease feelings of stress, even when the subject is only passively listening?

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With those findings in mind, our team of music fanatics curated an ultimate R&R playlist featuring songs from different genres and eras.

It's easy to navigate, just hit play and the songs will automatically transition from one to the next. You may also want to:

Two icons depicting the "skip the song" and "see full playlist" buttons on Youtube.

The playlist features over 20 songs but we’d love to build onto it with your favorites! Click here to search and add a song to the playlist or leave the title of the tune in the comments below and we’ll do the rest 🎵