Stay on top of your admissions process with the newest tools and features released in 2023 at Kira Talent. From Single Sign-On support to automated reminder emails, these new features can eliminate those repetitive manual tasks you do every day, freeing you up to focus on the top talent in your applicant pool. 

Discover what’s new in Kira

  1. Sign on in a snap
  2. Keep your applications rolling in
  3. A new way to nudge applicants along
  4. Seamlessly evaluate group dynamics
  5. Putting the power in your hands
  6. Amp-up applicant integrity monitoring 
  7. Coming soon to Kira

Sign on in a snap

We’ve made it even easier to review your applicants by adding Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality to the Kira platform. 

Single Sign-On makes logging in simple by allowing you to use one set of login credentials to access multiple websites and services, saving you the hassle of remembering lots of different usernames and passwords. 

Strengthen login security with a process that is safe as well as seamless. Kira’s SSO functionality is integrated with SAML 2.0 (Security Assertion Markup Language), the leading provider of secure SSO for businesses and enterprises, that lets users balance between both security and flexibility.

Reduce repetitive tasks by enabling staff to access all the necessary platforms without reentering their information. With SSO, you log in once and can then move freely between different platforms, such as the Kira platform and your CRM, without needing to re-enter your username and password. 

Keep your applications rolling in

While rolling admissions help spread the reviewing work across the admissions cycle, the continuous scheduling of interviews can end up burying your team in organizational work. 

With Kira’s Rolling Applicant Deadlines feature, you determine how long you want applicants to have to complete their on-demand Kira assessment and we’ll do the rest. Once a timeframe has been set, applicants are automatically invited to complete a Kira assessment and are assigned a deadline based on when they submitted their initial application. 

Stay on top of time zones by setting Rolling Applicant Deadlines to reflect your school’s location and clearly display the timezone in the applicant’s invitation email.

Get a feel for what works best by monitoring completion times throughout the cycle to get better insight into how long applicants need to complete your assessment comfortably. 

Feel free to make adjustments with an easy rescheduling feature that enables you to modify an applicant’s deadline in just a few clicks. 

A new way to nudge applicants along

Keep your assessment deadlines top of mind for your applicants with Kira’s automated reminder emails. 

Choose when you want applicants to be reminded about their upcoming deadlines and Kira will take care of the rest by monitoring your applicants’ deadlines, calculating when to reach out based on your selected reminder interval(s) and sending out reminder emails to complete their Kira assessments. Once an applicant completes their assessment, they’re removed from the reminder list and won’t receive any more notifications. 

Seamlessly evaluate group dynamics

See first-hand how your applicants will succeed in a collaborative environment by incorporating Group Stations into your Kira Live Interviewing experience. 

With a flexible set-up to suit your needs, Kira allows you to have individual applicants come together for a single station, or have groups of applicants move through each interview room as a unit. 

Putting the power in your hands

The Asynchronous Assessment Builder offers admissions teams total control of their assessments in Kira. 

Used to create, build, and edit assessments, this user-friendly tool allows you to be as involved in the technical aspects of your assessment as you want to be.

Enjoy your independence (backed by industry-leading support) as you construct and modify your assessments. For the work you want to delegate, your dedicated Client Success Manager is on hand to activate custom features, answer your questions, and aid in any aspect of your assessment's creation or revision.

See the applicant experience for yourself with the applicant journey preview tool, ensuring a smooth process for your applicants, from registration to assessment completion.

Effortlessly replicate your assessment with the Asynchronous Assessment Builder’s convenient duplication function, which allows you to copy over existing competencies and rubrics for new assessments.

Amp-up applicant integrity monitoring 

SimCheck by Turnitin, Kira’s fully integrated applicant integrity tool, allows admissions teams to assess the originality of each submission efficiently. In 2023, SimCheck got a powerful boost to now detect the use of generative AI in written work. 

SimCheck automatically processes an applicant’s submitted written work to identify instances of generative AI, as well as compares it against an extensive database of internet sources to quickly identify any sections of text that appear elsewhere.

Coming soon

Joining forces with Ravenna

Kira Talent and Ravenna are joining forces to transform the K-12 private school admissions landscape by blending Kira's holistic admissions assessment platform with Ravenna's all-encompassing admissions and enrollment management system. Be the first to know when this integration launches by subscribing to the Kira Talent newsletter.