Efficiency was top of mind for Veterinary Medicine programs in 2022, with 80% of programs naming efficiency as the biggest benefit of conducting their admissions interviews and assessments in Kira Talent.

In fact, 75% of veterinary medicine programs reported saving more than 50 hours of work per cycle with Kira.

Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

Learn how Texas A&M achieved their goal of enrolling a larger class and increasing the number of applicants interviewed by 16%.

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Where Kira fits in the veterinary medicine admissions process

For many programs, these time savings came not only from a more efficient interview or assessment but also from streamlining the overall admissions process.

Nearly half of this year’s veterinary medicine programs used a combination of Asynchronous Assessments and Live Interviewing to conduct both the qualifying and selecting portions of their admissions processes on the Kira platform.

Wanting to decrease costs and remove barriers to interview, 40% of veterinary medicine programs are using Kira to completely replace what used to be an in-person interview. Another 40% of programs added Kira as a net new component to their interview process in order to bring structure to their assessment, gain deeper insights into their applicants, or support holistic review.

“I would do nothing but recommend Kira, without a doubt. It’s been so helpful. Kira has made our process 110x easier.”

- Katie Beringson, Director of Student Affairs and Admissions at the University of Arizona College of Veterinary Medicine

By improving the efficiency and overall ease of managing a veterinary medicine admissions process, Kira allowed 57% of programs to invite all applicants to complete an interview or assessment in Kira, providing deeper insights into the applicant pool without overwhelming staff and faculty.

What’s top of mind for veterinary medicine programs in 2023?

“Increasing our process reliability and decreasing the cost of travel for applicants.”

“Delivering a comprehensive holistic review.”

“Timing and efficiency for our staff and faculty.”