So long 2020! We’re throwing open the drapes, brewing a hot pot of coffee, and getting down to business. 

With a ton of enhancements to the Kira platform, you and your admissions team are getting ready for a better and brighter year. From flexible payment plans to enhanced branding opportunities, there’s never been a better time to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your admissions process with Kira.

Discover what's new in Kira

  1. Take your Applicant Experience to the next level
  2. Get synced up with Kira + Liaison CAS
  3. Benefit from flexible contracts with Applicant Pay
  4. Customize your rubrics and rating scales
  5. Fight fraud with SimCheck, powered by Turnitin
  6. Leverage the power of AI with Advanced Insights 
  7. Add versatility to your process with Flexible Review

Kira Talent applicant experience header and mock desktop and mobile branded welcome pages

Applicant Experience 2.0

Your applicants’ experience with Kira has been rebuilt from the ground up. With streamlined processes, top tier accessibility, and a fresh facelift, Kira helps you elevate your brand in the minds of applicants.

And these upgrades aren’t just skin deep. Kira’s applicant experience is now certified compliant by WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards. Applicants with disabilities can now go through the entire experience and complete a Kira assessment without accommodations. 

Kira talent average applicant rating and testimonial

Enhanced and optimized, the new applicant experience allows your applicants to focus on nailing their assessments, not worrying about technical issues. Since its release, only 4.2% of applicants submitted a support ticket compared to 6.8% in 2019. For more stats, check out Kira's 2020 Applicant Experience Report here. 

Kira Talent liaison CAS integration with logos

Liaison CAS integration

Integrate timed video and timed written responses from Kira into Liaison’s best-in-class Centralized Application Service (CAS™) with just a few clicks.

By enabling the integration between your CAS and Kira, you can see how applicants think on their feet through unscripted video and written responses to your customized questions.

Kira Talent applicant pay header and mock payment tab

Applicant Pay

Are you ready to do more with the budget you have?

Build your Kira contract to make the most sense for your team’s budget. Applicant Pay in Kira provides you with the flexibility to choose who pays and how much. By collecting a nominal fee from applicants, you can reduce or eliminate the cost of Kira, enable premium features like Advanced Insights, or cover the cost of other parts of your admissions process. Payments are collected in the Kira platform, and your team chooses how applicant payments are used.

Want to provide financial relief to applicants who meet certain criteria? You have the ability to create coupon codes in Applicant Pay to distribute at your discretion.

Click here to learn how to get the most out of your budget with Kira!

Kira Talent custom rubrics header and mock rubric

Custom rubrics and rating scales

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach rarely yields the best results. That’s why we’ve added new rubric customizations into the Kira platform to help you build the most effective criteria for your assessments. 

You can now design your own rubric scales, create custom rubric titles, and add an unlimited number of characters in the rubric descriptions.

Kira Talent SimCheck fraud detection header and mock profile


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your applicants have submitted their own words, not someone else's.

Simply invite applicants to complete a Kira assessment, our software will screen their written responses and uploaded documents against Turnitin’s industry-leading database. You’ll be notified of any potential plagiarism that may warrant further investigation by your team.

For a limited time, we're including SimCheck by Turnitin for free with any Kira Talent license. Click here to learn more. 

Already using Kira Talent? Check out how to start using SimCheck 

Kira Talent advanced insights header and mock profile

Advanced Insights

Advanced Insights is an add-on feature that helps you develop a deeper understanding of the personality traits and soft skills your most successful students possess.

With as little as 5 minutes of video data from a Kira assessment, Advanced Insights provides additional insights into applicants to assist your team in making well-informed decisions.

Learn more about how AI is powering higher education

Kira Talent Flexible Review header and mock evaluation

Flexible Review

Structured reviewing in Kira is anything but rigid. Now, you have the flexibility to assign reviewers to specific applicants (vertical review), or to specific questions or competencies (horizontal review), or a combination of both.

Kira Talent Vertical Review assigning reviewers visual

Vertical Review


Vertical review allows you to assign a reviewer to specific applicants. By evaluating the applicant’s entire Kira assessment, reviewers are able to form a comprehensive picture of an applicant’s personality, talents, and interview skills.





Kira Talent Horizontal Review assigning reviewers visual

Horizontal Review

Horizontal review allows you to assign reviewers to a specific competency which they assess for across a wide pool of applicants. In doing so, horizontal review helps improve accuracy and reliability of scoring as each applicant is evaluated by more reviewers who are better versed in assessing that specific competency.

Discover how Kira's Flexible Review can help bring versatility to your admissions process