A brand new year and a ton of bright new projects underway at Kira! But before we get started on what’s sure to be another record-breaking year at Kira, we want to reflect on the big changes we made in the admissions space over the past twelve months. 

In 2020, we made a ton of enhancements across the board. In 2021, we focused in on one big project — Live Interviewing. 

The demand for virtual interviews is only growing. Since the COVID-19 pandemic shed light on the accessibility, efficiency, and equity gains associated with online admissions processes, schools have been trying to find a way to deliver the professionalism of their traditional experience in this new medium.

And while some still see going back to their old comfort zone as the only solution, leading schools are taking the lessons of the past couple of years and leveraging new tech to ensure their process is future-proofed, no matter what unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in the future.

That’s where Kira comes in.

Tailor-made for the way admissions teams interview, Live Interviewing in Kira Talent takes real-time video interviewing to a new level of ease and refinement. 

Taking the same principles and practices of holistic admissions that have made our Asynchronous Assessment a client favourite over the years, Live Interviewing transforms real-time video interviewing from a quick-fix pandemic solution into a new era of refined, innovative and professional admissions experiences. 

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Live Interviewing

Live Interviewing

From automated entry to in-app reviewing, Kira Talent has brought multi-station interviewing into a new era of convenience.

When we say ‘built for the way you interview’, we mean it. 

Working with several Canadian medical schools, we’ve designed Live Interviewing to replicate the traditional Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) process and address the challenges typically associated with real-time video interviews. From scheduling to reviewing, the platform unifies all of your tools and processes so you don’t have to juggle anything. The result is an interviewing experience that brings a level of ease, efficiency, and professionalism to your process that other video conferencing tools simply can’t.

In its first several months, thousands of applicants completed a Live Interview in Kira Talent. With 90.2% of those applicants rating their experience either “Great” (4/5) or “Exceptional” (5/5), Live Interviewing was off to a great start. 

Learn more in the 2021 Live Interviewing Experience Report

Discover the ins and outs of Live Interviewing and how we’ve added to and improved the platform since its launch earlier this year.

The Admin Dashboard

The Live Interviewing admin dashboard is your control panel for executing your interviews without a hitch.

This at-a-glance dashboard sets you up for success in every stage of the interview process by providing real-time updates on everything from participant engagement status to interview circuit details.

From sending an email invitation to participants to checking if participants are on the platform and ready to go, to delaying a specific circuit’s start time if someone is running late, the admin dashboard gives you a birds-eye-view of the entire interviewing circuit and the ability to keep things organized and running smoothly.

Integrated invitations

With invitations customized and sent right from the Kira platform, getting your applicants to their interview is a snap.

From the admin dashboard, you can send invites individually or in bulk, all with a single click. Invite emails are customized with your messaging and automatically populated with scheduled interview date and time, as well as a unique link to access their interview.


The same goes for your reviewer invitations! Reviewer invites will automatically contain all of their upcoming scheduled interview dates and times, as well as their unique interview link.


With integrated invitations, the admin dashboard helps you streamline the communication with your applicants and reviewers, because efficient communication is never a bad thing.

Real-time status updates

Make sure everyone is online and ready to go with real-time status updates! 

Refreshed every 2-3 seconds, status updates in the admin dashboard show you which applicants and reviewers have been invited, if they’ve visited their interview page, if they’re at their computers ready for their circuit, and if they’re inside their circuit as scheduled.

Upcoming & live circuits

The admin dashboard also segments your participants into two main groups — those with an upcoming circuit and those currently inside a live circuit.


Delay Start

Dealing with a last-minute scheduling snag or reviewer swap? No problem. The admin dashboard makes it easy to delay the upcoming circuit and give participants some extra time to join. 

Kira enables you to select a new date and time and automatically notifies all participants of the change.

Custom participant naming

What applicant information do you want your reviewers and observers to see during the interview process? How do you want applicants to address interviewers? Whether you’re looking for complete anonymity or for interviewers to make the connection between an applicant's resume and personal statement to the person on their screen, the choice is yours.

With custom participant naming in Kira Talent, you can choose to display any combination of an applicant’s first name, last name, and ID number on their video — giving you full control over the anonymity of your interview.  

The same can be done for your reviewers! Display any combination of a reviewer’s first, last, or display name, or use another word such as “Assessor” or “Rater”.

Double Length Stations

With several American medical schools using the platform, double-length stations were a priority addition to Live Interviewing. 

These extra-long stations provide an opportunity to include a panel-like interview within the MMI and allow for a more free-flowing, informal discussion over a longer period of time. 

Double-length stations in Kira Talent can be easily added to your schedule and are seamlessly incorporated into the rotational flow of the rest of your MMI.

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