Create the assessment you want easily with the new features and functionalities launched on the Kira platform this quarter. Whether you’re bringing everyone together with Forum Sessions, assessing applicant collaboration in Group Stations, or taking full control of your assessment with the Asynchronous Assessment Builder, Kira’s newest features are here to help you achieve your best admissions cycle yet. 

Bring everyone together 

With Forum Sessions, you can host meetings with up to 50 participants directly in the Kira platform.

Build the session right into your Live Interviewing schedule to create a seamless experience for reviewers and applicants. You can also create standalone sessions to meet with applicants before or after they complete an Asynchronous Assessment.

Keep the conversation flowing with features such as admin volume control, raising/lowering hands, and screen sharing, Forum Sessions in Kira Talent includes all the tools you need to easily engage large groups. 

Make deeper connections with your applicants by creating a space where applicants can get comfortable before their interview, decompress after completing an interview, meet the right people in real time, or learn more about your program.

Get your team on the same page whether it’s hosting reviewer training sessions or a pre- or post-interview sync with your review team.

Round out an elevated interview experience and create a lasting final impression for your applicants so they walk away with your program top-of-mind.  

Assess applicant collaboration

Gain insight into how your applicants will work collaboratively in the classroom and beyond. Group Stations in Kira Talent, allow you to bring together groups of two or more applicants during a Live Interview. Whether you want a group of applicants to move through each room together as a unit, or you want individual applicants to come together for a single station, you can build it in Kira.

Take full control of your assessment

The new Asynchronous Assessment Builder puts the power to build and adjust your Asynchronous Assessment in your hands. 

With a simple and intuitive builder, you can create your custom assessment, from adding competencies and rubrics to uploading your welcome and closing videos. 

Be independent (with full support) with the ability to build and make changes to your assessments while still having a dedicated Client Success Manager to enable custom options, answer your questions, and assist with any aspects of setting up or editing your assessments.

See what your applicants see to ensure a seamless experience for applicants during each step of the registration and assessment completion process.

Duplicate your assessment without doubling your work with the Asynchronous Assessment Builder’s convenient duplication of competencies and rubrics when creating new assessments - making them easy to set up and test.

Coming Soon: Rolling Deadlines in Async

Applicant-specific deadlines are coming soon to Kira’s Asynchronous Assessments. Align your assessment to your existing rolling admissions process by assigning individual deadlines to different groups of applicants.