Holistic admissions represents an ideal for higher education admissions teams. 

Evaluating applicants for multiple dimensions including GPA, test scores, communication and language skills, as well as work and life experience, provides deeper insight into your applicant pool. 

The benefits of a holistic admissions process are numerous. However, so can the resources required to manage one. 

Now, with Reviewer Services, you can add a new dimension of assessment to your holistic admissions process without overwhelming your staff and faculty. 

Efficiently identify applicant fit at scale

When you add an Asynchronous Assessment in Kira Talent to your admissions process, you have the opportunity to access a team of 30,000 professional reviewers. Trained on your unique criteria and rubrics, Reviewer Services acts as an extension of your team, delivering comprehensive results within your desired timeframe so you can make faster, more informed admissions decisions.

Find your best-fit students with a bespoke assessment

Seamlessly integrated with Kira’s Asynchronous Assessment, programs using Reviewer Services get all the benefits of a comprehensive holistic review without the additional work. 

Each step of the assessment process is customized for your program, including questions, rubrics, platform branding, as well as welcome and closing videos that help applicants learn about your program as they complete your assessment.

Once applicants have completed their assessment, Kira automatically assigns their responses to be reviewed by your specified number of raters. The raters score responses on the Kira platform, allowing your team to seamlessly review all your applicants in one place. 

Access industry-leading scoring

Tap into the team of professional raters with decades of experience scoring the GRE®, TOEFL®, and Praxis® tests. 

Trained on your unique criteria and rubrics, with Reviewer Services you get the applicant insights you need, when you need them, to make timely admissions decisions no matter what your internal team capacity is. 

Already using Kira? Reach out to your client success manager to learn more about reviewer services.