After analyzing the typing speed of over 5,000 applicants who completed timed written assessments, we’ve found the average typing speed for applicants in Kira is 22.8 words per minute (WPM).

The average typing speed for computer users is 41 words per minute.

Average Applicant Typing Speed in Timed Written Assessments - Average vs. Kira Applicants

How does this impact schools using timed written assessments?

If your school selected its time limit for timed written assessments based on the higher WPM average, you may consider giving more time to applicants for your next cycle. The goal of Kira’s timed written responses is to give admissions teams authentic applicants responses, but we don’t want to create applicant anxiety in the process.

Lengthening the time window for this cycle’s assessments could alleviate some potential applicant stress.

If you’re interested in increasing response times for your written responses in Kira, please contact your Client Success Manager.

Learn more about Kira's written response feature on our product page.