At Kira Talent, our focus is always on your applicants. From the platform features we build with them in mind, to the 24/7 support helping them have a seamless assessment experience, we take pride in the continued excellence of the Kira Talent applicant experience.

In 2023, we closed out our fourth year in a row with an impressive 4.6/5 applicant satisfaction rating! While admissions teams appreciate the efficiency and simplicity Kira brings to their processes, it's the positive feedback from applicants that consistently influences their decision to choose Kira Talent for interviews and assessments year after year. Learn more about what 2023’s applicants thought of their experience with Kira.

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What was new for applicants in 2023?

In 2023, Kira helped applicants engage with their prospective schools and potential peers in a whole new way with enhancements like Group Stations and Forum Sessions in Kira’s Live Interviewing. 

Discover all the new features and enhancements Kira Talent released in 2023

While these amazing new features changed the way applicants were able to connect, one thing stayed the same: applicants loved their experience with Kira Talent.



For the fourth year in a row, applicants gave Kira an average rating of 4.6/5 stars. 



This stellar track record speaks to the collaboration between the team at Kira and all the admissions teams we work with at our 900+ partner programs. As these teams navigated all the big and small changes that arose in higher education this year, it's feedback like this that shows them they’re on the right track. Demonstrating that now more than ever, applicants are looking for an admissions experience that's both accessible and engaging.

By the numbers

90.9% of applicants rated their Kira experience either “Great” (4/5) or “Exceptional” (5/5)

A small but mighty 0.2% increase from last year, this demonstrates our commitment to an ever-improving applicant experience.

The average rating was “Exceptional” (4.6/5) 

Another year for the books, with our fourth consecutive "Exceptional" rating from our applicants!

Representing more than 1 million applicants around the world, these ratings demonstrate our commitment to providing applicants with the best experience possible.

1.8% of applicants rated their experience as “Poor” (1/5) 

These applicants, though they’re a small group, offer valuable insights for our product development team and often inspire new products and features we release each year. Some of the feedback has already been addressed in our 2023 product releases!

Learn more about the new features in Kira Talent

97.3% of inquiries were solved instantly by Charlie 

Already a favourite feature amongst our applicants, Charlie the chatbot was even more helpful this year, successfully solving 97.3% of inquiries.

89% of applicants who left feedback on support rated their experience as "Great", given the options of "Great", "Okay", and "Not Good".

As the vast majority of inquiries center around general process questions or simple network and connectivity fixes, it’s great to know that Charlie is available 24/7 to instantly assist applicants. However, like all of us, Charlie needs some help sometimes, so for that 2.7% of cases, Kira’s applicant support team was looped in to help successfully resolve the issue.

By the comments

Kira Talent was built on the concept that numbers don’t tell the full story. That’s why, when we report on the Kira applicant experience, we share feedback directly from applicants.

Applicants thought Kira was approachable and easy to use

This year’s applicants said sayonara to the maze of multiple platforms and relished the streamlined simplicity of the Kira platform, which allowed them to effortlessly share their lived experiences and achievements with their prospective programs.

Applicant experience 5 star graphic“I loved how easy recording the videos were and how fast they uploaded. I had a great experience with Kira.”

Applicant experience 5 star graphic“I was so relieved to see the timer on the screen. That and the very clear instructions and transitions between breakout rooms made the MMI process as stress-free as possible!”

Applicant experience 5 star graphic“It is very easy to use because everything is well explained and easy to understand. The platform is very friendly”

The practice questions were especially appreciated…

Applicant experience 5 star graphic “I loved that I was given unlimited practice opportunities before having to take on the virtual interview. I believe that because of those practice questions, I was able to perform to the best of my abilities on the virtual interview."

Applicant experience 5 star graphic “I really appreciated the practice suite. It helped me get to know the platform better which helped manage the stress!”

Applicant experience 5 star graphic "This is one of the best interview platforms that I’ve experienced. All of the practice material helped me build confidence before heading into the actual interview."

It’s normal to feel nervous before your interview or assessment, but at Kira we aim to ensure that those butterflies are due to anticipation, not process anxiety. Having applicants call out our built-in practice module for its effectiveness in calming nerves and bolstering confidence tells us that we’re on the right track.

We kept technical support at the forefront of our service

Applicant experience 4 star graphic“I like how modern and clean the platform looks! It was easy to navigate and use with no errors or lagging. The 'help' button was also easy to find and the chatbot provided some good answers to the questions I had.”

Applicant experience 5 star graphic "The Kira platform was really easy to navigate and the tech support team was quick to respond."

Technical support is a top priority at Kira, making sure that every applicant has a smooth and engaging experience and, should a problem arise, they can get the on-demand troubleshooting they need to fix their problem and get back to their assessment without delay.

Some applicants shouted out their appreciation for virtual interviews in general

Whether they’re in another state or another continent, Kira helps applicants dynamically connect with programs without facing the various hurdles associated with traditional interviews. Simply put, it makes their lives easier, and 2023’s applicants were quick to show their appreciation!

Applicant experience 5 star graphic “I love this format! I liked that I was given time to prepare before submitting my answers. You don't feel pressured since you're in your own relaxing space with no external distractions like examiners”

Applicant experience 5 star graphic “I’ve never done a virtual interview before and I quite enjoyed this experience!”

Applicant experience 5 star graphic “This is such a great way to help the university get to know me, even though we are across the country from each other. I also loved that I could record the questions on my own time.”

Overall, applicants felt that Kira helped their dream schools get to know them better

Applicant experience 5 star graphic “I loved it! The video responses felt so dynamic and I was able to speak sincerely and honestly, which will help the university get a genuine understanding of who I am.”

Applicant experience 5 star graphic “I love that Kira makes me more than just words on paper to this admissions team.”

Applicant experience 5 star graphic “I think Kira is a critical piece in helping to show schools who I am, and what I can do in their program.”

This kind of feedback hits at the heart of Kira’s mission. As we continue to work towards a more accessible, equitable, and intentional admissions industry, it’s this idea of gaining deeper, more authentic insights into applicants that motivates our clients and drives us to continue delivering engaging applicant experiences.

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