Here at Kira Talent, client feedback takes centre stage. So in a year like 2023, which was marked by some significant industry shifts, we’re thrilled to say that our clients are feeling better than ever about their decision to use Kira in their admissions processes.

This year, schools located in more than 116 cities around the world submitted feedback on their Kira experience. From time-saving stats to process insights, learn more below about how admissions teams like yours used Kira to power their admissions processes in 2023.

  1. The Kira enhancements that clients loved this year
  2. How schools are using Kira
  3. What clients appreciate most about their Client Success team
  4. What’s top of mind for admissions leaders in 2024?
  5. Kira Client Experience Reports from other years

The Kira enhancements that clients loved this year

From Single Sign-On support to automated reminder emails, Kira released a ton of new tools and features in 2023 to help clients better manage their workload by eliminating repetitive manual tasks.

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From powerful upgrades to brand new features, learn how Kira's latest releases can enhance your admissions process.

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How schools are using Kira in 2023

In this new era of online admissions, there are many different platforms through which a school can deliver an interview or assessment. And while our features and functionality may check all of your boxes, it’s the comprehensive client experience, from onboarding setup to ongoing support, that makes Kira stand out from the crowd. But don’t just take our word for it — earning a 76 Net Promoter Score (NPS) in 2023, we can officially say that our clients are crazy about Kira!

A metric that asks clients if they would recommend a company to a friend or colleague, the NPS ranges from -100 to 100, with tech titans like Google (NPS 58) or Netflix (NPS 67) falling just a little shy of Kira’s amazing results.

Each year, we dig a little deeper into these results to understand what it is about the Kira experience that our clients find so valuable. 

Clients most frequently named “Reducing time spent organizing and scheduling interviews” as the top benefit of having Kira Talent supporting their admissions process. 

Efficiency was a key concern for schools in 2023 with the reduction of reviewer fatigue and time spent reviewing applicants both ranking amongst the top benefits for Kira clients. With a quarter of Kira clients saving more than 50 hours of work per cycle, it’s hardly surprising that time savings top the list!

At 63%, the majority of Kira clients have reduced their workload by more than 20 hours per cycle with Kira Talent.

NYU SPS gets applicant insights delivered

To assess thousands of applicants on a tight timeline, NYU SPS is using Kira’s Reviewer Services to make more informed decisions while saving 3,000 hours of work per cycle.

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Whether programs wanted early insights into their applicant pool or needed a more flexible and efficient method of conducting final-round interviews, Kira was able to deliver this enhanced efficiency at various stages of the admissions process.

45% of clients have brought Kira into the early stages of their admissions process to help them efficiently screen their applicant pool to identify the cream from the crop. For 47% of clients, Kira fulfills the final step of the admissions process, allowing them to meet their top candidates in real-time or on demand. 

For many schools, these stages of the admissions process are nothing new. 51% of programs used Kira to replace an existing in-person or virtual interview in order to improve the applicant experience, reduce workload, and bring increased structure and integrity to their traditional process.

Another 35% of schools added a Kira interview or assessment as a net new step of their admissions process, allowing them to gain additional insights while staying within their timeline and budget.

In fact, 51% of Kira clients were able to invite all applicants to complete an interview or assessment in Kira without overwhelming their staff and faculty. 

What clients appreciate most about their Client Success team

While the features and functionality of Kira’s cutting-edge platform may make the first impression, the hands-on support provided by our dedicated client success team is what makes a lasting impression.

With an incredible 9.5/10 average client satisfaction rating, we know that schools love their dedicated Kira Client Success team. This year, we dug a little deeper and asked clients to share how the client success team helps make their Kira experience and overall admissions process better.

Working with clients to build out custom questions, competencies and rubrics, 66% of clients mentioned how their Client Success Manager (CSM) and Client Success Specialists (CSS) were proactive in helping them get the most out of Kira, with many saying that they felt like an additional team member.

Yale SOM celebrates ten years with Kira Talent

“Kira, as a partner, is very innovative, always thinking about what's coming next and sharing ways in which other schools are approaching challenges that are similar to ours.”

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What’s top of mind for admissions leaders in 2024?

“Maintaining diversity in our programs.”

“Delivering a consistent and fair admissions process within our budget constraints.”

“Preventing applicants from using AI in ways that decrease the authenticity of their application.” 

“Implementing a rolling interview process.”

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