2022 marked a return to future-focused strategies across education admissions. After years of adapting processes to meet immediate needs, admissions leaders are now approaching innovations in their admissions processes with an eye to the future, and are embracing the changes they need to make to help attract and enroll strong cohorts for years to come. 

Learn more below about how teams met their admissions goals in 2022 with processes powered by Kira.

  1. The Kira enhancements that clients loved this year
  2. How schools are using Kira
  3. Insights by program type
  4. Kira Client Experience Reports from other years

The Kira enhancements that clients loved this year

Over the past decade and a half, schools have brought Kira into their admissions processes for a wide array of reasons. Whether their focus is on increasing yield, fostering diversity, streamlining clunky processes, or gaining a deeper understanding of applicant values and motivations, our flexible technology and team of experts are on-hand to help admissions leaders achieve whatever their goals may be. 

That’s why in 2022 we focused our product development on building new features and enhancements throughout the platform, that help make Kira better than ever for applicants, admin and reviewers alike.

What’s new at Kira Talent

Discover the latest features and upgrades released at Kira Talent and what they can do for your admissions team.

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How schools are using Kira in 2023

As admissions leaders look to future-proof their processes and attract the next generation of applicants, we’re proud that they continue to see Kira as the best option for helping them get there.

A measure of customer loyalty and satisfaction, Kira’s NPS score is higher than titans like Tesla (NPS 35) and Netflix (NPS 48)!

Of course, we know better than anyone that a single score can’t tell the whole story. That’s why we asked our clients what aspects of the platform gave them the most value this year. Here’s what they had to say.

61% of schools shared that the greatest benefit of using Kira in 2022 came from the increased efficiency in their admissions process. 

With Kira’s streamlined scheduling, built-in structured rubrics, and integrated score pairing, admissions teams have been able to eliminate many repetitive manual tasks and save hours of work per cycle.

In fact, 45% of schools are saving over 40 hours of work per cycle with Kira Talent.

The flexibility of the Kira platform and the range of assessment and interview tools available meant that programs were able to add these time-saving features where they needed them most.

“Kira has allowed us to streamline the operations, improve our efficiency, and decrease our faculty, interviewer, and staff utilization, helping us interview more applicants in less time.”

- Anne Holtzman, the Program Manager of Admissions and Financial Aid at NYU Grossman School of Medicine.

Whether they were looking to more efficiently pre-screen applicants or more conveniently interview candidates for final admissions decisions, 2022’s admissions teams saw significant value in Kira at various stages of their admissions process.

For the majority of schools, Kira offered a new and improved method of delivering their traditional interview, prompting them to transition their tried-and-true process online. But for another 29% of schools, an efficient and budget-friendly process in Kira made it possible to add interviews or assessments as a net new component of their admissions process — giving them more comprehensive insights into their applicant pool.

Deeper insights by program

Want to learn more about how your peers are using Kira Talent? Choose from the list of program types below to see how Kira is helping schools and programs like yours future-proof their admissions process.

  1. Graduate Management Education
  2. Graduate Health Sciences
  3. Law and Humanities
  4. Scholarship and Mentorship
  5. Undergraduate
  6. K-12

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