From medicine to social work, Kira Talent works with a wide range of graduate health sciences programs. For this section, we looked at programs in the field of healthcare professions education. Looking for more specific data on your field of study? Dive deeper into the specific data for some of our health sciences programs listed below.

  1. Medicine
  2. Nursing
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Dentistry
  5. Veterinary Medicine
  6. Occupational and Physical Therapy

Efficiency was top of mind for graduate health science programs in 2022, with 65% reporting that the increased efficiency Kira brought to their admissions and interviewing processes was the biggest benefit of using the platform. 

This translated directly into real time-savings for many programs, with nearly 50% of graduate health sciences programs saving more than 40 hours of work per cycle.

NYU Grossman School of Medicine

Learn how NYU Grossman School of Medicine increased staff efficiency 16-fold across the admissions cycle and reduced faculty commitment per day from 4 hours in-person to 1 hour virtually.

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Where Kira fits in the graduate health sciences admissions process

The increased efficiency in Kira meant that the majority of programs were able to invite all of their applicants to complete an assessment, giving them a comprehensive look at the traits and skill sets across their applicant pool without overwhelming their admissions team.

While some were able to gather sufficient insights from an Asynchronous Assessment in Kira, others also included a real-time interview, for example by using Kira’s Live Interviewing. 

“We found that we were losing some very good applicants as a result of our in-person interviewing process. Once we implemented Kira Talent, we immediately saw the impact that it had on the number of diverse students who ultimately enrolled in our programs.”

- Henry Cantu, Director of Admissions and Special Programs at the University of Texas Health San Antonio School of Nursing

62% of graduate health sciences programs using Kira chose to transition an existing interview onto the Kira platform. More than half of those programs used a Live Interview in Kira Talent to do so, enabling them to still meet and assess their applicants in real-time while streamlining and automating a lot of the manual work. 

These significant increases in process efficiency and ease of management allowed the majority of programs to invite all of their applicants to complete an interview or assessment in Kira Talent, giving them in-depth insights across their applicant pool without overwhelming staff and faculty.

What’s top of mind for graduate health sciences programs in 2023?

“Attracting and enrolling students from diverse or disadvantaged backgrounds.”

“Identifying and admitting students with the highest potential to succeed in the field.”

“Continuing to evolve our interview process to meet the needs of tomorrow’s applicants.”